This is the UNDERTALE logo. UNDERTALE is available on PC and console. On steam it’s $10.00 without the soundtrack or $18.00 with it.

This is the UNDERTALE logo. UNDERTALE is available on PC and console. On steam it’s $10.00 without the soundtrack or $18.00 with it.

Oliver Goodchild and Syd Reardon

Great storytelling, relatable characters, and proper world-building are all important parts of making a good RPG. For those who don’t know, RPG stands for a role-playing game. They are often open-world games that let players do whatever they want within the universe of the game.

UNDERTALE is like that in a lot of ways. This game puts the player in the shoes of a child who falls into a pit of monsters. But unlike other games in this genre, UNDERTALE gives the player the option to resolve everything peacefully.

This choice dictates what ending the player gets. They could get a happy ending, a sad ending, or something in between– it’s entirely up to the player to decide if they want to fight.

Before going into the game, the player should know that if they fight anyone it will affect the entire outcome of the game, not just that save file. Even if they restart completely from the beginning, they will still see the direct effects of their choice.

In order to get through the game in a “pacifist run through” you need to complete puzzles instead of fighting. For example, one of the puzzles relates to a character named Undine. This puzzle has to do with a piano, and it is said that she built this puzzle just to play with it.

All of the characters in this game are dynamic and understandable. A lot of them have a sarcastic sense of humor that is easy to relate to. The realism of these characters makes them very likable, which contributes to the reason why so many gamers hold this storyline so close to their hearts.

UNDERTALE is perfect for all ages. The message is perfect for kids specifically. This is an easy way to teach children that their actions have consequences and that it’s better to be nice than to be mean.

This game has such a unique take on a very popular game style. RPGs do not tend to vary much, but this game takes a pixelated and yet realistic approach. It’s very refreshing to see this style of game done in a way that is memorable, lovable, and with the times.

The creators of UNDERTALE have started producing a new game, DELTARUNE. It’s currently free, as only the first two chapters are out. It takes place in the same universe, but with entirely different characters and plot. If UNDERTALE sounds appealing, give DELTARUNE a try!