What can CavBlock do for you?


Grant Johnson

Mr. Warren supervising his CavBlock room.

Grant Johnson, Contributor

Nearing the end of the third month, Cavblock is settling in. Students are enjoying the extra break in the day, catching up on work, and taking enrichment classes.

But what enrichment classes do Hollis Brookline students want to take? In a conversation with Nathan Warren, he says “Cavblock is for the students. We should be teaching classes that the students want to learn.” Warren firmly believes that teachers are here for the students and in cases where the classes are optional, teachers should teach the classes students have interest in.

There are some enrichment activities that students are taking that they created the,selves. In the case of the Herstory discussion group, the group founders (Mollie Gillis ’14, Sydney MacLeod ’14, and Gigi Eliopoulos ’14) had an idea where students would talk about issues pressing women and approached History Department Jennifer Staub and thus the enrichment activity was born. Warren tells us we need more students involved in brainstorming the activities run during the Cavblock time.

Students were asked about what they would like to see during Cavblock. Bree Johnson ‘15 says “I would love to see a sports history class.”

Nathan Powers ‘14 says “[I want to see] a student versus staff floor hockey game in the gym in front of the whole school.”

Students have the ideas, it only is a matter of time before they actually happen. Like Warren said, Cavblock is here for the students and they should choose the classes they want to learn.