Stranger Things is the Best Show on Netflix and Here’s Why



Stranger Things is the Best Show on Netflix and Here’s Why.

Alex Willard

Have you ever wanted to binge watch a great show that will have you on the edge of your seat? If so, Stranger Things is the show for you. Mysterious, drama excitement all describe this top rated series as one of the best in the world.  


You can find the series on Netflix, which is an American subscription streaming service. Depending on what option you choose, it’s either $8.99 or $14.99 monthly. 


Stranger Things is an action packed show with long 45 minute episodes which will have you on your toes the whole time.It is a great mystery with lots of drama. 


The story begins when four young kids in Hawkins, Indiana go their separate ways home after a bike ride around the town.Will, one of the four crashes in the woods and is missing.


As a watcher this is a very intriguing start to the show and has me hooked to watch.


The boys later figure out that under Hawkins there is an alternate universe called the upside down, which is where their friend Will was taken too. The upside down is a scary place where later on Vecna takes its victims.


The series is also very successful because of the old style of the show. It is filmed in the 2000s but has a 1980s kick to it.


They also played old albums and tracks popular in their decade throughout the series. Stranger Things took the number one spot in 93 different countries.


Stranger Things is appealing to watchers as there are nine episodes in each season being a good binge show.