Boys Varsity Basketball

How does the younger generation make a difference?| Boys Varsity Basketball


Lilly Bouchard, Staff Writer

The boys basketball team is jumping into their season with the odds in their favor. With a younger team losing five seniors last year, senior Charlie Hale remarked that the new additions to the team will make a significant impact: “The younger, more inexperienced guys are doing great and are becoming a solid part of the team. We have sophomores who’ve never had minutes on varsity playing a huge role, along with Juniors and Seniors stepping up huge and playing roles with tons of minutes.”

Sophomore Cameron Kump, a new member to the team, finds the transition from JV to varsity not as hard as expected: “I had to put a lot of work outside of scheduled time throughout the summer it also helped having a good connection with the coach and just showing up to everything and communicating well.”

As an athlete, role models are key to team success, as it gives growing athletes someone to  look up to, and someone to carry on their characteristics in the future generations. Kump looks up to Kaleb Popham,  as he is always “setting the tone” and “stepping up to the challenge” when needed. 

The boys are already far ahead as they were last year with the work getting put in, while their record increases.

“We still have a lot of work to do but considering it’s Coach Edwards’ second year, us and him both have a great idea of what the state looks like now, and what we need to do to compete against other teams and players,” said Hale.