Start of the Season; Wrestling Team


Some members of the team at their first meet of the season

Jocelyn Gillespie, Sports Editor

Last year HB wrestling won the title of Division Two State Champions. Now they are starting the season hungry to uphold their title and with the team beginning their season with their heads held high. 

Freshman Ryan Sutton starts his first season on the high school team this year. He states that everyone makes the team, but he has to try out to earn a spot on varsity.  Sutton mentioned there was a shift between high school and middle school wrestling: “This season I’ve had to adapt to more intense training and conditioning.” Although it is challenging, Sutton said being a part of the team is very rewarding. He shares that he is driven, like the rest of his team, to re- earn the title of State Champions. Sutton is working very hard this season and hopes to embody the traits of his fellow senior teammates that he looks up to. 

Senior and captain Ethan Strauss is a major contributor to the wrestling team’s success: “As a captain I want to be able to pass down knowledge that I have learned to make my teammates not only better wrestlers but people,” Strauss said. He mentions that throughout his four years on the team he had role models that helped him grow as a player and now he’s happy he has the opportunity to be that for his younger teammates. 

Strauss has both personal and team goals for this season. “I need to work on cardio and a little technique,” said Strauss.He also mentions that he wants to get another banner this season–with his name on it. He also mentions that his coaches have not only talent but a strong passion for the sport which will influence the whole team as well.

Overall, the wrestling team is starting the winter season out strong. Be sure to attend their meets and follow to see whether or not they regain the title of Division Two State Champions this year.