What It Takes To Be Grover


Oliver Goodchild

Riley Scanlon ‘23 will act as Grover in the upcoming Percy Jackson musical. They can’t wait until opening night.

Oliver Goodchild, Features Editor

The upcoming musical the HBHS cast is performing will be Percy Jackson. Riley Scanlon ‘23 will be playing the lead, Grover. It’s not easy, though. There’s a lot of work that goes into getting themself ready for the role.

Scanlon wasn’t sure they’d get this role. Their audition went as well as it could, all things considered, but they were unable to do their best, as they had the flu while auditioning. It didn’t seem to matter in the end, though. It’s all the more impressive that they landed a lead in these conditions. They were ecstatic when they learned they had secured the role.

“I’ve wanted to play this character since I was in middle school, so I’m overwhelmingly happy that I get to play this role now,” Scanlon said.

One might think a lot of work would go into preparing to be a lead in a musical, but it all seems natural for Scanlon. They’ve been in many shows throughout the years. They are a seasoned veteran when it comes to theater. However, this is their first lead.

They’ve always wanted to play this role. This kind of character comes naturally to them. This is because they act very similar in most situations: “I hate to say it, but I kinda just naturally fall into the role. I typically get cast in shows as the funny best friend.”

Their day isn’t all centered around theater, though. Although, a surprising amount is. A typical day for Scanlon looks like this: they go to school and enjoy some of their favorite classes, then they learn what they will be doing in theater that day through Google Classroom. They head to theater rehearsal only to learn everything’s changed and do whatever Barbosa, the theater director, needs them to do. This ranges from choreography to singing in other sections to fit the needs of the cast.

During the school day, Scanlon can often be found in the theater room. Although they like most of their classes, they especially enjoy improv and acting. Scanlon is also taking a food and nutrition class, which they are very fond of. 

Scanlon is very happy to be playing Grover. They are fitting right into this role, “it’s basically just me, but with a little more anxiety.” The musical debuts March 9, and it’s looking promising! All of those who are interested in musicals or school events should try and see Percy Jackson.