HB’s got Spirit Week Changes on the Mind


Jordan Cormier

The Sophomore class participated in Just Dance.

Sophia Silvestro, Staff Writer

This year, HB will experience a new version of the beloved assembly that takes place every year during spirit week. In the past, the pep rally included skits from members of each class and a choreographed dance from each class. Austyn Kump ‘23, Student Body President, described the changes to the assembly which include replacing skits and dances with a dodgeball game. Musical Chairs, posters, and tug of war will be back along with the addition of Hungry Hungry Hippos and Just Dance.

“I think once we get all the participants in there it will be fun seeing it all together I think right now it’s a little scrambled but it’s like a puzzle, you need all the pieces together to see it as a masterpiece,” said Kump.

The Pandemic has played a large role in changes made to the assembly, as videos replaced the live performances According to Senior Class Advisor, Christina Ellis, it was time for a change to get students excited again, post-Covid-19. “I had been a class advisor in years previous and the preparation for the skits and the dances, people would get really into it, but in the last couple years after covid it’s been harder to get people invested the way that they used to be,” said Ellis. “Honestly we put it out to the current class councils and this is what they came up with.”

Students have had mixed reactions to the changes, but all anticipate the new experience. Here’s what some students on the street had to say:

“Oh that’s fire, that’s good,” said Marty Burns ‘25.

“I really wish we did the skits because I didn’t get a chance to do them last year so I’m pretty upset about that, but at the same time people won’t get made fun for them,” said Angela Enright ‘25.

“I don’t think it’s heartbreaking,” said Ross Brady ‘23. “If you notice, when our grades, freshman sophomore, junior years all had the same around ten people in them so it’s not like I wasn’t missing out on anything, so I guess now I get to be included so now it’s cool.”

“I thought the skits were a creative way for students to express themselves and I’m kind of sad that they’re gone,” said Bailey Dunn ‘25.

“I think its a little sad, because I remember freshman year it was really fun watching all the skits when the seniors were really good at making them, but in the past few years they haven’t been very good with the videos and I understand why they got rid of it but it’s sad to see them go,” said Alyssa Hill ‘23.

“I think it allowed a little more freedom with your choices, as far as creativity,” said Liya Liju ‘24.

“They were pretty fun to watch but I don’t think it makes much of a difference,” said Gina Anton ‘25.

Student reactions on Friday will dictate whether skits will be lost in the past or brought back in the future.