HB’s First Blood Drive Post-Covid


Cameron R

Red Cross Club Members Addie Marchant and Jess Follensbee encouraging classmates to sign up for the Blood Drive during lunches.

Katelyn Seamonds, Editor in Chief

The HB Red Cross Club held their first blood drive since the Covid pandemic on Monday, February 20, 2023. The drive was open to the high school’s students and staff, and collected a total of 45 units of blood throughout the blood drive.

“The [Red Cross] blood bank levels are going into decline right now and so they really need donors”, said Red Cross Club President Addison Marchant ‘25. “I assume they’re helping out with the earthquakes recently [in Turkey and Syria] and I know with the Florida hurricane a couple months ago, they are helping out a lot there and need blood for that.”

More specifically, The Red Cross uses the blood donations to help Sickle Cell Patients, who often require “multiple blood transfusions every year,” as well as burn victims who require plasma donations to conserve the patients blood pressure.

Hollis Brookline has held 27 blood drives over the past few years with the help of previous advisors and English department heads Heidi Foster and Lauren Grosse. They have collected over 709 units of blood that will be donated to people in need. “Their mission is very clear and they have real life impact on the world,” said Marchant.

“This was my first time [donating blood] and it was pretty much what I expected… I have watched my dad give blood a lot,” said blood donor Katelyn Sutherland ‘24. 

The Blood Drive technicians were very aware of the comfort levels of donors they were dealing with, and put effort into making sure that their patients were as relaxed as possible.

“The Red Cross people are very good at what they do. Just let them know that you might not be feeling comfortable with it…they’ll make you feel as comfortable as possible,” said Marchant.

As for advice to a nervous future donor, “I’m not really that needle-phobic but looking away helped when the needle went in. It didn’t hurt too bad,” said Sutherland.

The Red Cross Club will be holding another blood drive at the high school on April 17, 2023. Sign ups will be held outside of the cafeteria and repeat donors are encouraged.