Hollis-Brookline Senioritis

Ava Moyer and Nate McEvoy

Now that we have reached the second semester of senior year, a lot of seniors have developed or are starting to develop “senioritis”, which can be characterized by a decline in motivation towards the end of high school. College applications were very stressful for a lot of seniors and now that students have heard back from most of their colleges they are starting to lose the motivation to do their best in school. Many students feel that since they are already accepted into college, they don’t have to try as hard. 

In order to understand the impact of “senioritis” on HB ’23 seniors, we asked seniors how they felt about it. 

Hailey Arseneau ‘23, now committed to Assumption University to play field hockey was asked if she had developed senioritis since committing to college in September.

“Since I committed to college in September I feel that I don’t need to try as hard since I know I am going to college,” Arseneau said. “I feel that a lot of other people who committed to play sports earlier in the year also feel the same way” Arseneau said when asked about how senioritis has affected other students like her.

Anna Fauteux ‘23 was asked out how senioritis has affected her. “I have less of a drive to do better now that I have gotten into some colleges,” Fauteux said. “In the first quarter I feel that I was more motivated because I have not heard from any colleges, but now that I have heard back from all of them I am not as motivated” Fauteux said, when asked about if she was more motivated in the first quarter.

Noah Moyer ‘23, a national-merit semi finalist said “I have still been just as motivated because a lot of colleges look at senior year grades as a determining factor for admission.” 

“I have worked hard all my high school years and I don’t want to throw it away in the second semester of senior year” Moyer said. 

As seen in our interviews, some students have developed more severe “senioritis” than other students.