Superstar Gymnast Megan White on her Commitment to Temple University for Gymnastics


Temple University official announcement photo for Megan White’s commitment.

Jason Babcock, Staff Writer

Senior Megan White has been competing for USA gymnastics for the past fourteen years of her life and can not wait to compete at the collegiate level for Division I Temple University. White had offers from other colleges but ultimately decided on Temple. She chose Temple not just for athletics, but for the coaches, campus and team environment the college had to offer her. “I loved the campus,” said White “The coaches are awesome and the sweetest people.” 

White chose gymnastics out of all other sports for many reasons. One of those reasons can be attributed to her older sister Emmie White who Megan looks up to and sees her as her inspiration. “I always wanted to be like her, and I guess gymnastics is something we both had in common,” said White. She has also credited her mom who was a Division I gymnast herself, along with Grace Mccallum who is her professional inspiration in gymnastics.

White is certainly excited to be committed to Temple University but is also excited as her commitment process has come to a close. “It was a lot. It was very stressful… You have to post a ton on Instagram and continue to email every coach. On top of everything, you are trying to do your schoolwork and balance a social life and everything, so having that extra pressure of having to commit to a college is a lot but, it’s worth it,” Said White. Overall the whole process could be seen as tiring with the amount of stress that she had to deal with for months. Now that it is all over, White certainly looks forward to competing at Temple with her future teammates in the upcoming years.

White understands that her role on the team is not earned and is understanding the amount of work she will have to do in order to stay in the lineup. “I have to fight for my spot every week in the lineup, which I’m ready for, that is what I signed up for,” White said. She understands how much work she will have to put in, just to have an opportunity to compete in meets. A lot of this understanding can be traced back to her sister Emmie White who is another collegiate gymnast competing at SUNY Brockport. Megan has seen what her sister has accomplished in Brockport in order to be successful. She is ready to be successful at Temple due to this insider knowledge and her incredible talent.