HBDS Heads to the Playoffs


Riley Prest

HBDS team celebrates after Assistant Captian Jack Lager scores a goal.

Alex Razzaboni, Sports Editor

The Hollis Brookline Derryfield Hockey team has been smooth sailing through their long season. As of right now, they are 12-4, and 4-0 in overtime wins. 

The HBDS hockey team has been led by Captain Jesse Gertz ‘23 and Assistant Captain Jack Lager ‘23. Both have been a force on the ice this year and hope to lead this team to a playoff berth. 

When asked about the playoffs Gertz said, “We are guaranteed the 4th seed, but we could potentially win a few more games and take the third seed in playoffs”.

This would be ideal for the players because it would be an easier way through the playoffs.

As of the regular season, Kyle Sanborn ‘24 has been the leading scorer for the team with 26 points, he has 15 goals and 11 assists. Gertz is right behind him with 24 points, he has 12 goals and 12 assists.

Cavan Quinn ‘23  has been a wall in the goal. He is a fourth-year senior and has started for 2 out of the 4 years. Quinn has always played goalie in hockey and is quick enough to snag the puck out of mid-air with his glove. 

“He [Quinn] started off a little shaky at the start of the season, but settled back in and has played really well. He had the game of his life against Belmont-Gilford,” Lager said. Quinn has settled in just fine as he has a save percentage this year of 0.897. This has placed him in the top 10 goalies in the league.

Overtime wins have been a crucial part of their winning season record. HBDS is 4-0 in overtime wins. Jack Lager has 1 overtime goal, Alex Gertz ‘25 has 1 overtime goal, and Jesse Gertz has 2 overtime goals. The athletes are able to dig deep in the late-tied games and pull through with a win.

The team just knocked off Belmont-Gilfords undefeated season on February 11th in another overtime win. The boys were buzzing at Conway Arena, and as mentioned before Quinn did exceptionally well in the net. 

The HBDS hockey team is on a six-game winning streak and they are looking to carry this momentum into the playoffs. As they came up short last year in the semi-final game.