Eat to Compete


Eat to Benefit You

Alex Willard, Staff Writer

When it comes to weightlifting and training, you will stumble across hidden challenges you might not have thought of when starting your journey. The different foods and substances you put into your body affect the intensity and the way you train as well as look when looking for progress. Eating poorly wastes the work you’ve been putting into your training. 

“Diet is extremely important, I believe it is just as important as the weightlifting. I try to be extremely careful of what I put in my body, If you train but then eat high-carb, high-sodium, and low-protein you are wasting all that hard work you are putting in the gym because you aren’t giving your body the correct nutrients to grow your muscles and body,” said Alex Albert ‘24. 

Motivation is key to pushing yourself toward your personal goals, you’re not going to have the motivation to train every day. It is important to remember the reasons why you started your journey. 

“Remember your goal, somedays I don’t want to go to the gym at all but I remember why I do this, and that’s what motivates me every day, be mindful of what you eat try to eat as clean as you can because remember that affects your whole body and how you’ll feel during your training,” said Cavan Quinn ‘23. 

Taking daily steps towards your goals is important, not training or going to the gym can later on bring regrets for not progressing that day. 

“You aren’t always gonna wanna go to the gym and train but it’s super important to push yourself towards your goal every single day because in the long run, it will be worth it, Eating healthy and right is an extremely part of it as yes you can have cheats days but just be mindful what you are putting in your body and don’t waste all that hard work in the gym by eating bad,” said Albert. 

A lot of people start their training because they aren’t happy with themselves. Changing your image can be beneficial to your overall mental health. 

“I train because it will help me get stronger for hockey as well as help me achieve the body I want,” said Quinn.

“Personally I wasn’t happy with my body, I felt why not push myself and train to be the best version of myself I can be,” said Albert.

When looking to focus on your diet, there are programs to help you stay on track with your goals. Eat to Compete is a highly-rated fitness program to help you achieve your personal fitness goals. 

“We are a Comprehensive Sports Nutrition education and awareness system. We organize our content into 18 sports nutrition topics which are delivered via speaking engagements to athletes at colleges, universities, and sports clubs throughout North America” “The program champions the simple premise that increased nutrition knowledge contributes to improved athletic performance. The more you understand sports nutrition fundamentals, the more you stand to improve?,” said the ETC Program. 

If you want to change your image, you can. Remember your why, why you push yourself every day. That itself is enough fuel to help you achieve your end goals.