CTE Students

“If not for this class, I would not have been as confident in my decision to go into the medical field,” said Lily Mcrea.

Jocelyn Gillespie, Sports Editor

Career Technical Education (CTE) provides high school students with the academic, technical, knowledge and training skills necessary to succeed in future careers.

“In total, about 12 million high school students are enrolled in CTE programs across the nation,” (Advanced CTE). CTE prepares learners for the world of work by introducing them to workplace competencies. These programs are a way for students to go beyond the basic high school curriculum, and gain more career-based knowledge. HB students are eligible to attend Alvirne, Nashua, Milford and Mascenic High Schools in 11th and 12th grade for career and technical education. 

Abby Hoffpauir is currently enrolled in the one-year Biotechnology program at Milford high school. She decided on this class due to her interest in biology and hopes this will give her a leg up when pursuing her future endeavors. Hoffpauir also mentioned that being a part of this program gave her real insight as to what a biology-related career would look like. Having this knowledge solidified, Abby’s decision for her future is now clearer knowing that she will be majoring in biology next year in college.

“My CTE class takes up three periods of my day so I’m back at school by fourth period,” Hoffpauir said. She also brought up that even though she had to adjust her schedule for the class it was definitely worth it, as she is gaining a lot of knowledge that she could not from any classes at HB. 

Lily Mcrea is also a CTE student. She attends Nashua South and takes the two-year nursing class they provide. She mentioned that the class takes up three periods of her day. 

Mcrea has gained a large number of opportunities through her program. “As far as certifications gained, I am CPR certified and test for my LNA license in spring,” Mcrea said. She also mentioned that she has a job at a retirement living facility called Hunt Community where she does patient care. She said she wouldn’t have gotten this job without the experience she gained from her class. 

Mcrea also added that this program has given her the tools and experiences she needed to be sure that she wanted to pursue a career in the medical field. “If not for this class, I would not have been as confident in my decision to go into the medical field,” she said.

Nevaeh Theriault attends the two-year Veterinary Science program at Alvirne. She is a junior in her first year of the program. She mentions that the program has a large number of resources. The school is equipped with a kennel with a number of small animals and a farm. She says this allows her to gain hands-on experience with animals that she couldn’t get anywhere else. Theriault says she really enjoys being a part of the Veterinary Science class and cannot wait to continue the program next year. 

¨Even though the class requires a lot of work, it’s very rewarding to be a part of such an incredible program” Theriault said when asked about her overall experience in the class.