Ramen noodles: food of choice for hungry teens


Ramen noodles are on the rise Photo credit: Maddie Goodwin

Maddie Goodwin & Skyler Anderson, Contributors

Ramen Noodles: food of choice for hungry teens

Ramen noodles come in a small package and contain dried or pre-cooked noodles and a small flavoring packet. Although their lack of nutrition, noodle consumption has hit an all time high. Hungry high schoolers and college students have begun to turn to Ramen noodles for a quick and yummy meal. “I love it. It’s quick and easy,” Jason VanCoughnett, ’14 said. There are several different flavors of Ramen including beef, shrimp, chicken, oriental, and more. Many students often turn to Ramen when they’re parents aren’t around to cook.

It’s only the best food created ever in the world. It’s the only food I can make.”

— Carly James '15

The food takes three minutes to make, and only requires four things: a microwave, water, a bowl, and the noodles. “I like them, especially the warm fresh taste after coming out of the microwave,” Eastman Chandler, ’15, stated. There are several different ways to cook the food if the consumer is looking to mix it up. A popular way to eat the noodles is straight out of its package. When on the run, the crunch makes for a great snack to nibble on.
Although most people adore the food, there are some who cannot stand the cheap flavor. “Personally, I hate it. It’s fattening and tastes cheap,” Natalie Lewis, ’16, said. There are many other different ways to cook the noodles and components to add the them to make the noodles more flavorful.

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