Stop at Pheasant Lane Mall for a Delicious Appleseed Crepe!


The weather is warming up and many are feeling crepes as a delicious dining option.

Abby Hoffpauir, Staff Writer

The perfect variety for sweet and savory crepes can be found at Appleseed Crepes and Bread in the Pheasant Lane Mall food court, just off exit 1. Their mouthwatering Versailles crepe, a mix of Nutella and fresh strawberries, is a great match for any sweet tooth. Or if you’re looking for lunch, try their Sicily Pranzo with grilled chicken breast, mozzarella cheese and romaine, with your choice of sauce. They even have vegetarian options such as Greek and Mediterranean crepes. 

For drinks, they offer five different types of smoothies and even bubble/milk tea. This is my go-to crepe and boba place in the Pheasant lane mall. Not only is the tapioca perfect, but they make the milk tea and crepes right in front of you. The service is amazing, the employees are always very pleasant, and the food is quite affordable. I am a bit more of a sweet tooth myself so I would have to recommend the Versailles crepe with either the mango or strawberry milk tea.