You You or Don’t Go


A delicious designer roll from You You Japanese Bistro

Jason Babcock, Staff Writer

Do you want some good sashimi, maki rolls, or a Japanese bowl? Look no further than You You Japanese Bistro on Broad Street in Nashua, NH. During the week, You You is open for lunch and dinner, but on Saturday it is only open for dinner. The restaurant also has a full bar off to the side with a great wine collection.

Now let’s talk about the meals that are served at You You. First off there is a wide variety of designer rolls that are served with some having connections to the local professional sports team like the Red Sox roll. They also serve basic maki rolls like a spicy tuna roll and a dragon roll if that is what a member of the party wants. If the amount of rolls overwhelms you at first then you can go right with a simple California roll. All the rolls are hand rolled by sushi chefs in the kitchen and give You You rolls an authentic feel to them. You You has a fantastic fish collection that is used in all of their sushi including salmon, tuna, yellowtail, shrimp, eel, and many more. 

One of You You’s greatest strengths is the large selection on their dinner menu, which has tons of bowls, specials, noodles, and pad thai. The rice bowls are incredible with their best most likely being the pork cutlet and egg rice bowl which is phenomenal. If someone in the party is a picky eater then You You also caters to them by serving chicken wing and chicken nuggets just in case.

In all, the You You Japanese Bistro in Nashua, New Hampshire is well worth the trip to it if you want great sushi and noodles/rice bowls. You You’s gets five stars out of five for everything from food to the atmosphere to the service.