Marketplace Diner Review


Kyle Sanborn, Staff Writer

Marketplace Diner is located in Hollis New Hampshire on 4 Market PL.  Marketplace is a very good spot for a great meal. They cater to everyone and have above-average service. The waiters and waitresses are very friendly, positive and good at their jobs. Marketplace Diner is rated number one out of five restaurants in Hollis and rated the number one diner in Hollis.

 The Hollis Brookline High School Hockey team has been going there for years after hockey practice every Friday morning. There are no complaints from the hockey team, they all say the food there is amazing and they love the staff.  Marketplace Diner is open till 2 pm and serves breakfast and lunch. 

This reporter’s favorite breakfast dish is called Rise and Shine. The Rise and Shine breakfast is scrambled eggs, steak tips, home fries and the toast of your choice. This reporter’s favorite lunch entree is the sweet and spicy chicken fingers. The sweet and spicy chicken gingers are tossed in sweet and spicy sauce and it comes with a side of fries. 

Cavan Quinn, the former starting goalie of the HBDS hockey team, said, “This is the best diner I’ve ever been to. I’m going to miss the staff there, they were always the best to the hockey team.” 

Another former HBDS player, Jesse Gertz, explained, “My go-to meal was the farmer’s delight. The farmer’s delight was three eggs, two slices of bacon, 2 sausages, homefries, two pancakes and toast. It is amazing,” he said. You need to go try out Marketplace Diner in Hollis, New Hampshire.