Two Championships & a Season: Boys Spring Sports Wrap-up



Boys Volleyball players rejoice over their second season sweep and back-to-back Division II wins, in ’22 and this season.

Kyle Sanborn, Sportswriter

Boys’ spring sports are coming to an end. Varsity Baseball, JV Baseball, Varsity Volleyball, JV Volleyball, Boys Tennis and Boys Varsity Lacrosse have all had successful seasons, whether it’s improvement or playing great and moving onto playoffs.

Boy Varsity Baseball has been on a tear for the last two years. Coming off of being Division II  State Champions in ‘22, the pressure was on for the team to continue their legacy. Hollis Brookline did nothing but prove themselves, beating Bow in the quarter-finals 3-1 and then beating  St. Thomas 9-3 in the semifinals. The boys went on to the finals against Plymouth, where they did nothing but prove themselves, winning the game 5-0. 

“Right now we’re 12-3 headed into our last season game vs. Merrimack Valley. As of right now we are the #2 seed, which means we get a bye first round, which is where we wanna’ be. We have good hitters up and down the lineup and good pitching depth,” said Alex Razzaboni ‘23. The baseball team had three first team all-state players: Zak Lussier, Charlie Hale and Jack Lager. Alex Razzaboni was awarded Division II Player of the Year, with 4 home runs and 26 RBI.

Boys JV Baseball ended the year with only losses and two ties. “The season as a whole, I saw a lot of improvement from all the guys and we look good for the future. We ended up having two ties and the rest were losses, but it’s the improvement we needed,” said Alex Willard ‘24. The team had much improvement, building the groundwork for future varsity players. 

Boys Lacrosse had a successful season, beating Souheagan to advance to the quarter-finals. While the team ended up losing to the #1 seed Portsmouth 17-3, the team’s regular season record was still a respect-worthy 10-7. The boys started off the season with little pressure but exceeded everyone’s expectations. 

“We were projected to go 5-12 and probably not make the playoffs, but we pulled through and went 10-7. We worked hard this season and we had a great coaching staff to keep us going,” said Ben Petrella ‘23. Ben Dufoe hit the 100-point mark this term and did it in one season.

The Boys Tennis team ended up going 5-9 and made the playoffs. Team captain Bryson Giersch ‘24 said, “The season was very good overall. We had some very big improvements not only individually but as a whole team. The young talent that joined the program was a very big help to the improvement and development. The best part of the season was to make the playoffs for the first time in three years. It was truly a great experience.” 

The Boys Volleyball team ended up going 15-1 in the regular season. Their only loss of the season was to Londonderry, where the team lost in 5 sets. The boys won the first round of playoffs against Souheagan and beat Windham in the second round. 

The finals went to four sets and the boys won the championship as back-to-back winners, winning in ‘22 against Windham. 

“Coming into this season as the reigning champions, we felt a lot of pressure to perform at the same level. Losing one of our star outsides, many people thought we wouldn’t be decent, but we have done more than just be decent. Through some fun practices and picking up some first year players, this volleyball season has been both fun and a successful season,” said Kaleb Popham ‘23.

The Boys JV Volleyball team had a pretty successful season and shows good signs of improvement. The team won most of their games; unfortunately, they didn’t go to the playoffs. Working on building future varsity players, JV Volleyball is in good hands for the ‘24 season.