Unified Track Finishes Strong & Builds Community


HBHS Yearbook Staff

Top Row left to right: Assistant Coach Annie Roy- Faucher, Miranda Bergeron, Adam Lallemand, Chloe Gisetto, Rachel Levesque, Mason Getter, Dylan Jewett, Allie Caiazzo, Cassidy Krivis, Alex Fay, Cambria Jewett, Head Coach Kimberly Smith Middle Row: Kiyra Weaver- Bartis, Katelyn Heidell, Brendan Nixon, Abby Kellner, Matthew Dragon Bottom Row: Kylie Gavin, Joshua Ward, Alyssa Bunker, Jasmine Coutermarsh, Jessica Eisenhauer, Madison Lemos

Kimberly Smith, Unified Track Coach

HB Unified Track & Field had a fabulous 2023 season. This spring we attended two track meets, hosted four other schools at HB and finished the season traveling to Londonderry for the Unified Track and Field State Meet.
Our 11 athletes did an outstanding job pushing themselves to do their very best and break out of their comfort zones each and every day. This season’s 10 partners were phenomenal. Before each season we explain what the role of a partner should look like and these partners exceeded our expectations 100 %. Our partners were engaging, participating and encouraging each day we were together. Many long-lasting friendships were developed between our athletes and partners.
The team’s season ended with a Unified Sports celebration complete with BBQ hot dogs and cake.