On a new track

Emma Newton and Meghan Philpot, 14, running at Dartmouth Colleges track.

Joe Kagenski

Emma Newton and Meghan Philpot, ’14, running at Dartmouth College’s track.

Sara Swabowicz, Co-editor-in-chief

The 2013 winter track and field team is in for some big changes this season with the departure of former coach David Babin, and the new addition of avid running coach, and chemistry teacher, Yolanda Flamino. Although this is Flamino’s first year as HB’s track coach, she has coaching experience under her belt at various colleges in the area (see Matt Claire’s article, “Yolanda Flamino: Chemistry teacher and HB’s new Indoor Track coach”, to learn more about her past coaching experiences). Coach Leo Levasseur, is also returning this season as the team’s field coach, and intends to help lead the team to success.

With Flamino at the helm, the team has undergone many changes. After the first day of practice under Flamino’s instruction, Christian Parenteau, ’14, said, “[Flamino] breathed much needed life back into our team”. Jason Harworth, ’15, said, “We are much, much more organized than last year”. In past years, the track-team has been chaotic, and athletes could go off and do almost anything they desired during practice. Under Flamino’s coaching, students are given specific workouts for the day and are expected to complete them in order to better themselves as competitors and prepare them for meets. The organized workouts help set the team up for success, and each workout serves a beneficial purpose to the athlete because athletes are split into different workout plans based on the distance that they plan on running. “I like being pushed to try my hardest during workouts, I’m really looking forward to beating my best time during meets,” said Erin Stowell, ‘16.

The team is sure to have a lot of success this upcoming season with two intelligent coaches and a group of talented and dedicated athletes. Kyle Lorden, ‘14, said, “I have a good feeling that after practicing for a few weeks that we can make it to New England championships and potentially break some records for the 4×200 and 4×400 relays”. To watch the members of the team thrive in their natural environment, go to UNH this Saturday, December 21 at 9am, and cheer on your classmates.