Ice Ice Baby


Lauria Patz

Flights all across America are being cancelled

Lauria Patz, Entertainment Editor

Christmas has come and gone but the cold temperatures are lingering. With the coldest temperatures in over twenty years, people all over America are feeling the freeze. Airports such as O’Hare in Chicago, and Logan in Boston have been shut down for days now. Cancelling thousands of flights and leaving many people stranded in airports. Usually a busy time of year with many college students and families returning home after the holidays this winter freeze couldn’t come at a worst time. Many states are declaring a state of emergency and warming centers are being set up for those who need help.

Part of this problem is being caused by something known as a Polar Vortex, which usually circles around Antarctica, but because of lessened winds is being pushed down past Canada and even further into much of the United States. Could this change be a factor of global warming? Some say yes. According to Bryan Walsh from Times this change in the Polar Vortex could be due to warmer temperatures that the world has been experiencing. Due to this warm up the Polar Vortex was able to deviate from its normal rotation up at the pole because wind speeds have been reduced.  Kara Jaramillo ‘14 said “ People are at risk for frostbite within five minutes in some parts of the country, its just too cold.”  However, there may just be a light at the end of the tunnel with temperatures reaching the upper 30’s by the end of this week.