Crazy for concerts


Lian Tumas

Concerts are always happening in Boston

Lian Tumas, Contributor

With little to do in the small towns that we live in, many people look forward to attending concerts. The closest, most popular location to go to would be Boston. House of Blues, the Opera House, TD Garden, Bank of America Pavilion or Orpheum Theatre. For a cheaper concert, artists go to colleges like UMass Lowell or UNH. These tickets would be much less than someone performing at the TD Garden.

Some big names that have come to Boston in the past year have been Macklemore, Drake, Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar and Kid Cudi. By searching online, it’s not that hard to find cheap tickets for popular artists. House of Blues is general admission, allowing fans to get closer to the stage by making their way through the crowd. The area near the stage is a mosh pit and the energy is high. Everyone at the venue has a common love of that artist and people are all into it.

Knowing you are going to a concert is motivation and something to look forward to. It is something to get excited about with your friends. Making memories by listening to live music sang by someone whose music usually is just coming out of speakers or headphones. Being able to hear your favorite song live while seeing the performer dance to their song is unreal.

Some upcoming concerts include Jay Z on January 18th, 2 Chainz on February 4, Justin Timberlake on February 28th and Miley Cyrus on April 2nd. Sophia Hall ‘14, “I’ve never been so excited for a concert in my life. Miley in the past year has been a wild child and I expect it to be an amazing performance!”