Community comes together for Cam

Nate Powers, Contributor

Sunday January 5 couldn’t have been a better day to honor former HB student Cam Ricard, a member of the class of 2014, who died tragically December 9. Kicking off the tournament, members of the high school hockey team played first, getting everyone who attended excited for the day’s events. Cam’s father, Bob Ricard, kicked off the game by dropping the opening puck and creating an atmosphere of support.

Ninety-six players, all of different skill levels, from pee-wee to college, showed up to brave the cold in order to show their support for such a great cause. Throughout the day, a 50-50 raffle took place to help raise money for the Cam Ricard Scholarship Fund. Also, many people donated baked goods, pizza, water and chili for the fundraiser. In total, close to $5000 was raised to put into the scholarship fund. Bob Ricard said, “

This game is more than just a get together; it helps to raise everyone’s spirit.”

— Bob Ricard, father

At the end of the day, after all the games were done, a skills competition was held. These “mini games” consisted of the hardest slapshot and a breakaway challenge. The Class of ’11 organizers of the game–Josh Powers, Brian Thibodeau, and Nate Russell–planned for many weeks and worked out the smallest of details. “The goal was to bring the community together and to celebrate the life of a great kid,” Powers said, “also, to allow the Ricards to join in for a fun day in memory of their son.”

Ricard said, “It was a blast; I had a great time.”