Aerie applies authentic appearances to advertisements


William Cho

Photoshop has the power to drastically change the perception of a subject in a photo.

Over the past decade, media outlets have fixated all of their efforts on displaying flawless looking models to each and every outlet available to the public. This is commonly achieved through the use of programs like Photoshop; Photoshop experts use tools to smooth out skin, fly-away hairs are deleted, and any unwanted curves of the body are erased. Needless to say, the majority of what our society is exposed to is glamorized and “perfected” using the technology that is so readily accessible to us today. Recently, professionals have come to the conclusion that these overly-edited models have a negative psychological effect on the adolescent age group, and lead them to create unrealistic ideals for their body image.

In response to this realization some brands are starting to take steps away from using edited photos and are going to an au natural look in their advertisements. One company, Aerie, an American Eagle brand, is launching a Real You campaign where they step away from the use of Photoshop and use models of varying body shapes and sizes so all girls can feel comfortable with their bodies. The company posted on their site, “We want every girl to feel good about who they are and what they look like, inside and out”. That being said, average girls were used in this campaign, opposed to the stereotypical tall and slim models found in the majority of the advertisements that are available on the market. This allows girls to embrace their body shape, height, complexion, and other unique physical characteristics.

Aerie is taking a revolutionary step in the world of fashion, and hopefully other brands will follow in suit in the near future. Positive self-perception of body image is important, as if we aren’t hard enough on ourselves, we don’t need the media telling us which body type is acceptable since all body types are perfect just the way the are. By including unedited models in advertisements with varying body types people receive less pressure from society and can gain confidence knowing their body is normal, and should be appreciated.

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