Bode Miller’s emotional ride

Lauria Patz, Entertainment Editor

The Sochi 2014 Olympics are well under way and with them the emotions of many amazing athletes. Just the other day New Hampshire’s own Bode Miller was brought to tears after finishing the Men’s super-G competition with a bronze medal. The medal however, was not what brought tears to his eyes as an NBC reporter pressed him with questions. Earlier last year Miller’s 29 year old brother Chelone Miller affectionately known as “Chilly” was found dead in a van outside of a friend’s home, no foul play was suspected. The reporter mentions how Miller paused at the top and seemed to be looking up to the sky talking with someone. Many viewers found NBC’s decision to keep the footage and show it after holding it for a good portion of the day was a bad decision. Bode Miller however took to twitter today tweeting about how the reporter was just doing her job, although he did appreciate the support.