Back into the swing of things

Nate Powers, Contributor

With the NHL season continuing on, many hockey fans are disappointed to see how their team is doing after the long break taken for the Olympics. Many teams went 0-2 in their return to the NHL, such as the Bruins, and others went 0-3 in their first three games back. This issue is due to the fact that many players didn’t catch up on sleep because Sochi is nine hours ahead of the east coast. Many players find it hard to catch up and be able to function while having a full practice.

Though many would agree seeing country vs. country battle it out for gold medal, some people think that the NHL superstars should stay out of the Olympics. Guidance counselor Rich Winslow, said that “no pro athlete should be in the games, not even in hockey.” Librarian Christine Heaton said, “No pro, paid athlete should take part in the Olympics, it’s unfair to the other countries that have no professional athletes” Some also say that the NHL should send over players to play, “The NHL runs the show, it’s the best league in the world.” Travis Howard ‘14 stated. Dan Ash, ‘15 agreed and said, “ I think so, they should be allowed to play.”

Many players enjoy playing for their country and have no problem with their league taking 2-3 weeks off. They tend to think of it as a time to sharpen up their skills, and a time to relax.