HB still hanging on to Blue Ribbon


See for yourself.

Alumni of Hollis Brookline High School have been reflecting on the time when HB was actually a Blue Ribbon School.

“Back in my day,” reminisces HB alumni, Sara Driscoll, “All the way back when we were accredited, we actually were a blue ribbon school. Not just hanging up banners in a hope to relive past glories.”

For the past few years, Hollis Brookline High School has displayed the outdated banners in the front lobby, despite their uncanny ability to attract all the wrong attention.

Just last year, HB was forced to pay ransom to a still unknown criminal band that actually stole the blue ribbons.

“We were so heartbroken,” administration said in a public statement issued to the community, “That we simply had to pay the ransom. Even if it meant playing good music over the intercom.”

This year, the school had to contend with mothballs in the banners as they hadn’t been touched in such an extensive amount of time.

“I don’t know if I like them,” says Maddy Howard, ’17. “They’re kind of like a creepy alter to the past. I bet people in the school actually do rituals with them or something, you know? So that we get a new one.”