Towns spend money on Hubble 2.0 instead of school technology


This telescope can’t even see space.

That’s right. A telescope is now more important than technology (not that telescopes aren’t technology, because they are.)

“Given recent events, we think it’d be a better use of our tax money to pay for this telescope than to supply the school with the means of developing more technologies,” say town officials. “We don’t want to risk the physics students developing more advanced weaponry. They’re stuck in the medieval ages, and we’d like to keep it that way.”

Brookline had agreed to the allocation of money to Hollis to help with the technological development, however, they have declared that they want to retract the offer.

Brookline mayor Alex Bonhom states, “We thought they were doing this out of a love for science. But I guess not. We’re not allowed to use the telescope, which means that they’re probably going to spy on us.”