School finds use of high water pressure in bathroom sinks as a source of green energy


This is a fancy sink that does electric things.

Hoover Dam, Green Energy

After a complete electrical shutdown of the entire high school due to energy failures, students and staff of Hollis Brookline High School have come together to develop a solution to the problem.

“It started off with an attempt to reinstate the recycling club, but that kind of died,” says Brendan Nelson, ’14. “So we had to brainstorm what to do. Then it hit us.”

The green-minded students and staff have implemented technology to harness the energy that spews out of the high pressure faucets in all of the bathrooms. Should the technology work as it was designed to, Nelson predicts that the school should be entirely energy independent in less than two years.

“The only downside is that people won’t be able to use the sinks,” says Nelson. “But it’s not too big a deal because no one washes their hands anyways.”