Freshman walks into wrong bathroom, finds stray cat


Hannah St. George

The men’s first floor bathroom has a new visitor that’s purrfectly content with curling up in the urninal


Despite having been at HB for several months, some freshmen still find themselves in the wrong rooms, and sometimes, the wrong bathroom. However, Carolyn Farwell, ’17, made an unusual discover on the first floor men’s bathroom at 7:00 am March 31. Not only did she walk into the wrong restroom, but she discovered a stray cat lounging in one of the urinals.

“It was a little embarrassing,” Farwell admitted, “but it’s not everyday that you walk in and  find a cat just sitting there.”

After getting a closer look, it seems that she wasn’t the only one to walk into the wrong bathroom. The cat, as it turns out, is also female. However, she didn’t share the same embarrassment as Farwell. In fact, she stayed there, idly flicking her tail as the flustered freshman tried to shoo her into the women’s room instead. Once the five-minute warning for the bell came over the intercom, Farwell gave up on her efforts as left to go to her first period class.

“Oh well,” she sighed. “I guess urinals are comfier to her than one of the sinks. Cats are rather strange.”