Prom cancelled because, what’s the point?

Prom cancelled because, whats the point?

Regina George, Plastic

Hollis Brookline High School has decided to cancel prom for 2014 because, what’s the point? “All anyone cares about is the promposals,” stated principal Rich Grizone.

Alison Patz ’14 said “This is true, I really only care about how I’m going to get asked.” Even though the school has already paid for the space, the resort has offered half the schools money back, but is keeping the rest for reconstruction.

With the cancellation of the prom HB plans to make the seniors take a serious of test’s, testing all the seniors will prove to the state that HB is teaching their seniors something, and not just letting them walk around the halls. Senior Kenzie Barrett said “The tests sound fun and I can’t wait to take them, one of my teachers said that we get to color on it, and draw whatever we want to.” In preparation for the cancellation, all the prom dress stores have offered a 15% refund on all dresses and is willing to offer one free dress to every 100th customer

HB has also decided that any prom following will be held at the school, just so the school can save some money, and so the kids can too. When that news got out, freshmen Bethany Cardoza said, “ sounds like fun, the mini gym has always been the place to hold a prom anyway, what took so long?” Feelings between this decision is mixed, but most students like the idea.