We’ve got a golden ticket

We’ve got a golden glimmer in our eye


Augustus Gloop, Chocoholic

The senior class has decided to spice up its infamous chocolate bar fundraiser by implementing a strategy that proved wildly successful for the Wonka Chocolate Company. Starting on March 31, every purchase of a chocolate bar from any member of the senior class will come with the opportunity to find a golden ticket hidden inside of the wrapper. The winner of this golden ticket will earn a glorious and romantic trip for two exploring the ancient beauty of Europe. One senior advisor said, “We want to spare no expense. Providing those who support us with a once in a lifetime experience was our main goal.”

The lucky guy or gal will be able to bring a friend of their choosing and enjoy a ten day, all expense paid trip to some of the most iconic sites in all of the world. Timothy Northcott, ‘14, said, “The Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge, London, Madrid, and Venice are just a sampling of the locations this lucky couple will be able to visit.” Furthermore, they will make the jump across the pond in the lap of luxury aboard a private Gulfstream jet. In addition to the full buffet including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, there will also be a wide variety of teas, coffees, juices, and sparkling beverages.

Of course there must be chaperones for this expedition of luxurious proportions and so the winning couple will be guided through the European tour by the muscular and well-spoken Liam Neeson. Have no fear of being taken, Liam is well trained to deal with any international issues that may pop up on this incredible journey.

For the trip to and from Logan International Airport in Boston, a jacuzzi-laden stretch limo Hummer will be the vehicle that will carry the winners. Equipped with a full refrigerator of various sodas, juices, teas, and sparkling beverages, this Hummer is truly a step-up from the pumpkin that carried Cinderella.

This incredible opportunity is open to everyone who purchases a chocolate bar from any member of the senior class, but a brief word of advice: the chances of earning this golden ticket are quadrupled if the bars are purchased from senior class member Cameron Randlett. One ticket, one winner. Be the first person to experience a once in a lifetime competition.