Woods leads teachers in establishing hallway classroom to alleviate crowding


Becky Balfour

Woods gets ready for a day of teaching “al fresco”

Social studies teacher Lucas Woods has made the best of what began as a student prank played on a well-liked adviser. Given the overcrowding that has put HBHS’ accreditation at risk, Woods decided to teach his classes in the hall rather than end up with what fellow social studies teacher Nate Warren refers to as “the dreaded cart”. Said Woods: “It’s a good way to connect with students–especially with those who are less academically inclined and are, therefore, easily found ‘adrift’ in the halls.”

Teachers in other departments will be engaged in highly competitive rounds of rock-paper-scissors during Friday’s PLC session to determine who will be joining Woods in the “HB Hallway Initiative”. Given the lack of desks in the hallway classrooms, many students expressed support for a program that will allow plenty of leg space or floor space for napping. A few colleagues expressed reluctance to join the plan, however, as it might entail giving up carrying materials from room to room, which has become a new arm-shoulder toning routine for many staff members.