Everything adds up for the Math Team

Austin Bumpus, Co Editor-in-Chief

The Hollis/Brookline Math Team participated in multiple events over their 2013-2014 season, and reached high levels of success throughout the year. The team was filled with talent, fielding over twenty five students, and was victorious in both the league and New Hampshire state championship competitions in March. With so much success, the team had a lot to be proud of after this season.

Nick Garside, ‘14, was happy with how the team competed, and said,  “It was rewarding to be a part of the math team. The questions were challenging and the people you meet are among the brightest the state has to offer.” Garside gave a lot of the credit to the advisors for the team’s success, and said, “Our team this year was awesome because we have the greatest teachers ever, (Stacey Plummer and Susan Mooers), who equipped us with the skills we needed to succeed.” Mooers, a math teacher at Hollis/Brookline, and one of the club’s advisors, gave the team a lot of praise as well, and said, “I was most proud of the fact that the team was so supportive and helped each other through everything, even when they were being competitive with each other for individual awards.”

The team impressed many with their success this season, and they hope to continue their success in future events.