Hollis Brookline boxed out

Coach Korcoulis Field at Hollis Brookline High School denied coach’s box in school board vote


The scaffolding used for filiming and the teams’ coaches at Coach Korcoulis Field Photo Credit: Austin Bumpus

Austin Bumpus, Co-Editor-in-Chief

In a recent vote by the School Board, the decision was made not to implement a coach’s box on Hollis/Brookline’s sports field, losing out in a vote of 2-4-1. The decision brought about many different opinions in both Hollis and Brookline, with many members of the sports community wishing that the vote had passed.
Nick Garside, ‘14, one of the captains of the football team and a member of the spring track team as well, was disappointed in the School Board’s decision. “It’s sad how our town won’t support high school students and their sports teams with this coach’s box,” Garside stated. “A new coach’s box would provide sports teams with quality film, would be weatherproof, and would be able to house announcers for the games as well.”
Another member of the Hollis/Brookline sports community who wished the vote had gone the other way is head football coach Rich Bergskaug. He believed it would be a beneficial addition to the field, and would help coaches and fans alike. “The decision to decline the coach’s box is unfortunate since it not only would have been paid for by the Booster Club, but it would have given the football team what every other team in the state has,” Bergskaug said. He also listed some of his reasoning for why it would be beneficial, saying, “it would have been a place where coaches, commentators, scorekeepers, and people who film the game would have a safe and aesthetically pleasing structure. Plus, it would have been a place where we could have expanded the bleachers. Hopefully [the board] will reconsider sooner than later.”
Hollis/Brookline sports fans around the community are hoping that this decision gets reconsidered, and possibly even reversed.