Volleyball victories


Matt Claire, Sports Editor

In the team’s fourth season, the men’s volleyball team has started strong. With a 6-4 record, the squad is looking for another solid year. Led by seniors Alec Paulson, Jonathan Northcott, and Ryan Lecours, these veterans hope to take the many newcomers under their wing, and succeed as a unit. Alec Paulson, ‘14, when asked what the team’s season goals are, said, “From the start of the season, our main goal was to make top four so we could get home court advantage for the playoffs, and ultimately make it to the championship”. The experienced team has many high expectations, following last year’s first round playoff defeat.
Paulson went on to say that, “In the beginning, it was a lot of getting to know each other, all about rebuilding old friendships and creating new ones. We now have a rock solid chemistry. Early in the season we had bad communication, but now we have improved and now we’re starting to win games.”
Cori Matthews, the new coach, and a former player herself, has taken the reigns in place of Phil Johnson, and is looking to prove that her knowledge of the game, and tactical expertise can emanate to her team. Despite the fact that it’s her first year as coach, she is known amongst most individuals on the team, as she was coach of the Cavaliers winter club team for the past two years. Jonathan Northcott, ‘14, said that over the past four years the team has, “definitely come together, and our coaching has improved a lot”.
The rest is in the hands of the team as a whole, as they hope to finish the season with a positive result, and reach their goals together.