Evacuation: Pass or fail?

Sophia Hall, News Editor

Since the younger years in kindergarten and even throughout elementary school, students have had the same procedure when it comes to evacuating the building for emergencies. This year, the evacuation procedure has changed. Rumors had been buzzing around whether or not it would be more effective than years past and on September 12, 2013, HBHS had their first run of the new evacuation.

            The changes are quite different than what we are used to. In past years, classes walked out together to the nearest exit and teachers took attendance to make sure everyone was present. You stayed in your class until it was safe to enter the building again. The new evacuation has changed from staying with your class to grouping with people who have the same evacuation code. The entire school leaves the building and gathers in the back parking lot to divide into their groups. The practice run was announced so everyone had a pretty good idea of where they were going, but expectations were still in the air until the actual evacuation.

            Kashka Gammon, ‘14 said, “It was kind of chaotic, I’m glad the school is trying a new procedure, but I’m not sure this is the best one.” Many other students agreed with Gammon saying that “chaotic” was the best description. Many, however, said that although it was disorganized the first time, they believe it will be more effective when it has been practiced and perfected.

“The procedure was changed because it makes it much easier to take attendance for students and staff–especially if an evacuation happens during lunch or transition time. This way everyone knows where they are going,” said Principal Matte. Some students agreed with this while others believe the old evacuation procedure would work better.

HB has changed a lot this year and many students are hoping the new evacuation procedure will be a positive change to the school, keeping everyone safe in the best way.