Tri M Students sing for Veterans

Mackenzie Riel, Backpage editor

May isn’t just a month of AP’s and prom preparation, it holds one of the most important holidays celebrated by Americans since 1868, Memorial Day. Every year on Memorial day the Trim M Music Honor Society puts on a luncheon for veterans in the community.

For those who don’t know, the Tri M is an international group of middle and high school students who’ve shown excellence in their academic achievements in terms of choir and band. The group has been around since 1907. Students get an opportunity to learn and get instructed by qualified music teachers and improve their skills even more.

This year the event will be held on May 26 at the Lawrence Barn in Hollis at 12PM. The event holds meaning for the members of the society beyond a casual conversation with a Veteran, “We perform to show our appreciation for everything they’ve done and try to share the gift of music with people who truly deserve it.” said Cara Quigley ‘14 who has been a senior participant in Tri M for the past two years.

The events will consist of a lunch for the veterans visiting accompanied by “a wide array of performances and the most talented individuals from the school,” said Cara Quigley ‘14. The Hollis Brookline Homefront club will also be participating in helping with the event this year. Any students and community members are welcome to come in assisting with preparing for the event as well as take down.

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