How to be a fanatic


Matt Claire, Sports Editor


The life of a fanatic is full of great commitment, emotion, and passion. To be a fanatic, you can’t just get the scores of your team from scrolling through your Twitter feed, you need to eat, sleep, and breathe sports. “But what steps do I take to become a fanatic?” one might ask. That’s easy. In order to successfully become a superfan, one must follow three simple guidelines:
Rep Your Team’s Colors

Colors are what define a team. They’re what differentiate a Red Sox fan from a Yankees fan, a Manchester United fan from a Manchester City fan, and a Celtics fan from a Lakers fan. These color combinations symbolize the team’s fan base and in order to be a proper fanatic you must sport your favorite fan gear whether it be a shirt, jacket, scarf, or hat; appropriate attire through color is imperative. Michael Pattelena, ’13, said, “ Being a super fan is not a one time thing, it’s a way of life. Repping your team’s colors is crucial in your journey to becoming a super fan.”

2. Know Your Team

You should be on a first name basis with your squad. It’s a necessity to know everyone’s name and the position they play in order to maintain a sufficient conversation and, in the event of a debate, (which are common amongst fanatics) you will have all your facts down.



3. Have Pride

The plight of a typical super fan is certainly one that scares many want-to-be fanatics away. That being said, if you find yourself ready to make the transition from fan to super fan, always hold excessive hubris and have a sense of superiority within your team. Fans always stand by their team through thick and thin, through the losses, through the wins. Be there. Don’t be a bandwagon fan, one who supports a team only when they’re performing well, because nothing irks a fanatic more than that. Conor O’Shea, ’14, said that you have to, “Go big or go home, no matter what the score”. Last year, Hollis Brookline’s own “Blue Crew” ran the show at volleyball and basketball games, cheering on the team’s, and helping in their successful seasons.

Now that you know your three simple rules to becoming a super fan please do not hesitate to pick a team and stay with them. There’s nothing more exciting than having a team to follow and watch grow, succeed, and hopefully win a trophy. Just remember to always respect the rules of the game, and the people involved in them.