Farewell, Media

Dear valued patron,

I never thought that “stone age” Hollis/Brookline would break through the cracks of a tough wall, supported by administration, into the 21st century journalism community. Instead of paper we moved to an online format. Photos evolved into videos and vlogs while at the same time two articles in a month changed to two articles a week. I was one of the lucky staff members to see the dying embers of the dark ages ignite into a burst of new age flames. For me, I was put at the head of an unknown territory known as Media, and was faced with the task of testing the water. All in all everything turned out as expected and in the end I was able to step back and look at our creation with a smile on my face. Just as a proud parent would look at their baby, dressed in cap and gown, grab their diploma and create a new chapter of their life, just as we have here at the CavChronLINE. I am sad to leave, but happy to see the success of our creation. As I take my diploma I know that I’m leaving behind a school that has built me up, and also a newsroom that is far from its total potential, but I’m happy and confident that my predecessors will take the reins with pride and bring the journalism department to a glorified maximum.

Farewell and love life,
Alec Paulson

Media Editor, CavChronLINE
HBHS, Class of 2014
University of New Hampshire, Class of 2018

God Bless