Farewell, Opinion


After two years holding the honor of serving as the Opinion Editor for the CavChron, it is now my solemn duty to bid the publication and this school farewell. I have learned many incredibly valuable lessons and grown immensely not only as a writer, but as a person as well. From writing about Pop-Tarts to covering issues saturated with heartbreak; we as a crew have tackled a varied range of topics. I have watched as the crew and the school underwent the shocking metamorphosis of print issue to strictly online. I have seen the CavChron grow from a lunch room distraction to an omnipresent figurehead on mobile devices and computers belonging to a multitude of students. I have received no greater satisfaction than when I am able to express not only my opinion but that of others in the stories published on the CavChron. From the tried and true ink on paper to the unlimited and convenient forum of the internet, the CavChron and HB have given me the indescribable gift of working for and learning from this forum for student expression.

Cameron Randlett

Opinion Editor, CavChronLINE
HBHS, Class of 2014
University of Vermont, Class of 2018