Allergen-safe advice


Heather Trono

A and J Bakery’s Pumpkin Loaf, Lemon Raspberry Biscotti and White Bread

Heather Trono, Contributor

Between trying to balance sleep, a social life and school,being a teenager is hard enough. Let’s add another obstacle though– food allergies. They get in the way of being able to eat out with friends because depending on the severity, you may have to look at every single ingredient– that includes down to the types of oils and extracts used, then after that adding the question whether or not it needs to be made in a allergen-safe kitchen.It doesn’t matter if it’s a gluten, peanut or dairy allergy, restaurants are never accommodating enough.

In recent years, there has been a boom of allergen-free bakeries. Among them is the A and J Bakery, a company out of Rhode Island.A and J ships their products and stores such as Lull Farm in Milford are working to carry numerous items from their delectable menu —  A and J offers everything from frozen family dinners such as lasagne to cinnamon buns, cookies and biscotti.

Another bakery is Udis, they are delectable–best company for allergen-free bread, however it is difficult to compare to A and J Bakery because they both specialize in different things. A and J bakery is is the place for a sweet treat while Udis is your bread and bagel destination  The two companies make their products in allergen-safe kitchens. A and J is Nut and gluten free, some of their stuff is soy free too, and the nice thing is that it’s not much more expensive than the allergen-containing original product. Udis is gluten free and nut free but they have less of a selection than A and J. If interested A and J Bakery can be found at Contact information is available and orders can be placed any time of day.