Our Last Night launches successful crowd-funding campaign


Photo Credit: Brendan Donohue

Alec Paulson, Media editor

Two weeks ago, a local Hollis-born band, Our Last Night recently found great success taking a DIY approach to the music industry through a crowd-funding campaign website called Indiegogo.com. In June 2013, after fulfilling their contract with Epitaph records, the OLN became part of an increasing pool of independent artists. Consisting of two brothers and two lifelong friends, the band reached a $20,000 milestone one week after launching the independent campaign. Over the past summer, the band has built up their YouTube presence by releasing acoustic renditions of their own songs and covers of hit songs on Top-40 radio, calling it “Summer of Covers.” These songs include “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons and “Stay” by Rihanna. Using the funds raised through the Indiegogo campaign, the band will be able to cover the costs record labels would normally take care of, like producing music videos, new equipment and marketing their product.

The band plans to release two separate EP’s and, because of a short time period before they plan launch their next full US tour, the band has decided to not produce two full albums. Instead, one EP will consist of their typical heavy rock style and the other will be an acoustic version of the first. “We’ve never had the opportunity to release a CD and immediately hit the road to promote it,” their bass player Alex Woodrow said, “We are very excited for the future.” The band plans to offer online contributors special perks ranging from “never to be printed again” merchandise to playing shows in their fans living rooms. They have asked their friends and fans for help in sharing their campaign via social media and helping spread the word. Check out their campaign here: http://igg.me/at/OLNdualEP/x/4617932