Christina Brown: Teacher of the Month

Maddie Poulin, Staff Writer

Who’s Hollis Brookline’s December Teacher of the Month?

Hollis Brookline’s new up-and-coming club, HB the Change, has decided to start recognizing the hard work of the teachers at HB. The members of this club hope to bring a new aspect to the appreciation that students have towards their teachers.

Ann Melim, who organizes HB the Change, explained that this movement stems from the group “want[ing] to recognize people in the school for the hard work they do and what they bring to the community as a whole.”

The group randomly decides at each of their biweekly meetings who will be nominated as the  Teacher of the Month. They have a list of all the faculty members in the building, and they pick a random number, count down, and the faculty member whose name is associated with that number becomes that month’s teacher.

The members then interview the other teachers in the department. Interviews are designed to find out the nominees’ favorite sayings, what they enjoy doing, and essentially whatever makes them special as an individual.

This month, the group nominated Christina Brown. She works as a math teacher in the school, and was “honored” when she was surprised with signs lining the school’s driveway, recognition courtesy of HB the Change. Brown “just loves the thought behind the whole idea to recognize people in the building. It makes people feel so good walking into the surprise.”

HB the Change is a group set in place to “make people feel special, and accepted,” says Melim. The group meets every other Wednesday in Melim’s room (224), all are welcome to join.