Basketball 2014


Mike Morgan '15

Matt Fothergill, ’15 hanging from the hoop.

Mike Morgan, Contributor

Every year, High School sport’s teams are forced to bid farewell to the previous season’s seniors and welcome the new upcoming players to fill the spot. Sometimes, this leaves a previously unstoppable group of athletes vulnerable and without proper motivation. However, this would not appear to be the case for the Hollis Brookline Cavalier’s Basketball team.

Even though they may have been defeated in their home opener, the Cavaliers earned a hard fought record of 2 wins and 1 loss, a respectable record for a season that has just begun.

The Cavaliers starting point guard, Matt Fothergill, ‘15, weighed in on how he views the team’s playoff potential. He said that, “We can really compete for the championship.” A bold statement since the team has not won a championship game in a decade. However if one is to attend a game, they will see the true talent which the players possess.

The team has more underclassmen than standard, making one imagine that there is less bonding within the players due to the age gap. When asked if he thinks the experience is less enjoyable than past years, Patch Zorn ‘15 said, “ People are still having fun, but there are fewer distinguished leaders because this is a younger team.”

Clearly, the Cavaliers have proven that they can adjust to the remarkable adversity which they are faced with this year, and will likely have a very successful season because of it.