Jaw droppers of 2015

Courtney Van Schoick, Staff Writer

With a new year comes new blockbuster films, filled with Hollywood’s finest stars. Anxious fans await for the newest flicks and suspenseful sequels along with seeing their favorite actors and actresses strut down the red carpet. So what’s in store for 2015?

In January, “American Sniper” is coming into select theaters starring Bradley Cooper as a navy seal named Kevin who is sent to Iraq. His skill on the field aid in the survival of him and his brothers-in-arms. Kevin later encounters problem on the home front with his wife (Sienna Miller), which he’s not sure he can fix.
This March, “In The Heart Of The Sea” takes Chris Hemsworth into deep waters as he encounters a giant whale in his 1800s whaling ship. His crew is forced to to drift at sea with no food and no fresh water.
“Child 44” comes out in April with Tom Hardy as a private investigator looking into a series of child murders. His investigation catches the government’s attention because they are trying hide this odd conspiracy from the public. Gary Oldman plays the head of police who is legally looking into the conspiracy.
“The Avengers; Age of Ultron” will be coming out in May with some big stars. Tom Hiddleston returns as Loki, Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Chris Hemsworth as the mighty Thor, and Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. Tony Stark tries rebooting an old peacekeeping program and things go south for the avengers, leading to the creation of Ultron. The Avengers have to test their strength while protecting the Earth.
“Pitch Perfect 2” will come out in May starring Anna Kendrick, Elizabeth Banks and Hailee Steinfeld.The Singing Bellas finally get their own sorority house and welcome some new Bellas. They enter the A Cappella Championships which no American team has ever won.
“Jurassic World” hatches its way into theater in June just in time for summer vacation, starring Chris Pratt and Judy Greer. The park is finally up and running after its failed attempt by john Hammond, but after 20 years people are losing interest in the park. In order to attract more visitor the researchers at Jurassic World create a new exhibit but it backfires miserably.
“Minions”, yes the minions get there own movie coming in July with voices by Sandra Bullock and Jon Hamm. In this movie Minions are taken back to antarctica in the 1960s and follows them on their journey to New York city. And continues to follow them on their journey to modern day London where they face their biggest challenge yet learning how to date in order to save all Minion kind.
Whether its going to see a movie about a soldier in Iraq or make believe superheroes or even little yellow talking creatures who have to try to save their species from extinction whatever you go see in 2015 will certainly be worth the wait.