Winter Wonderland

Courtney Van Schoick, Staff Writer

The crisp, cold air of winter is here. With the mountains of snow on the ground, it’s time to pack those shorts and tank tops away and start a new journey full of fun and excitement this winter. Here are some possible ways to pass your time in the winter months.

Building a snowman is a classic winter pastime. Grab a carrot, some mittens, and a friend and start crafting your masterpiece. Other snow-oriented options might include making a snow fortress or starting a snowball fight. The complete chaos of these skirmishes in the snow usually result in fun and laughter. It’s also a wonderful way to spend time with younger family members visiting for the holidays.

Nothing beats the feeling of cold winter air rushing down your back as you race down the mountain on your skis or snowboard. If you have never tried these exciting winter sports, there are always opportunities to learn at Pats Peak or Crotched Mountain, a mere one hour car ride away. Hollis Brookline High School even has a ski team if you’re looking for a locally-based, competitive group and something fun to do with your friends.

Lake Potanipo is a great place to go ice fishing if you have some time to spare. Located in Brookline, it is the perfect place to spend an afternoon out in the frosty weather. It may take some time and patience to get a bite, but it’s well worth sitting in the freezing cold when you make that catch.
Whether it’s bringing out your inner child, racing down the slopes with friends, or spending time with your family, there are many memories to be made here in the winter wonderland we call New Hampshire.