New technology of 2015

Sam Whittemore, Staff Writer

As the new year begins, new technology will be coming out possibly many new pieces of tech that could drastically change our lives as we know it. What can the world expect to be released in 2015, and what are we looking forward to this year? The CES convention, or consumer electronics show, in Las Vegas gave a glimpse of what is soon to be able to be purchased by the public.

The first piece of tech that has been popular and has changed lives are 3D printers. New designs and software are being worked on to upgrade the printers that will allow them to print different material and also have the printers print in bulk. The printer uses plastic and an ultraviolet light that melts the plastic and prints an 3D object by laying the plastic over itself layer by layer. The price of the newest 3D printer that was released at the CES convention is an affordable $1,500, unlike other popular 3D printers like the Maker Bot which can cost upwards of $6,000. Although these are expensive, there is more affordable technology coming out to the public.

Another piece of new tech coming up this year is a remote for your phone on your wrist, known as a smart watch. Smart watches are becoming more integrated into our lives without us even noticing. A few peers may have a smart watch that is not only a fashion accessory, but also a useful tool and gadget. Smart watches use bluetooth to connect to your mobile device that allows you to use the watch as a tool for our phone, such as reading text messages or answering phone calls. It also allows you to have control over your phone without even taking it out of your pocket. Smart watches usually range from $200 – $350.

There are also many advances in technology coming this year that will greatly help the medical field. One such advancement is a new piece of technology made by the company Quell that relieves chronic pains by using pulses of electricity is called the Quell Dubbed. Quell described the device by saying, “it hacks into your brain and relieves chronic pain.” This is a new breakthrough for pain relievers because it can not be abused, such as other pain relievers.he treatment is not addictive or cause any other side effects. The device can be bought for $250 dollars with electrode strips that need to be replaced every month for about $30. This will hopefully inspire other companies to support technological medicine to be produced for the good of the people.

Another new piece of technology is the Polaroid Zip. Polaroid released a small mobile printer during the CES convention. It connects to your phone and can print picture from your phone on a 4×1.5 inch piece of paper. The paper is a special zink paper that is embedded with different colored crystals. When heat is applied, the paper changes color. With this special paper Polaroid uses, the Polaroid size is an ink free printer. Instead of applying ink to the paper, it heat treats the paper to certain temperatures to print the picture. This printer will be able to be purchased soon for the cost of about $130 with the paper costing $25 a pack holding 100 sheets. With a small mobile printer, it will allow you to share moments that people will be able to keep for a long period of time, with no hassle.

What tech will be life changing in the coming year? Are we close to new breakthrough? Overall, this new year will bring loads of new tech. From 3D printers to chronic pain relief to high tech computers for your wrist, 2015 is sure to be a revolutionary year for the electronics industry.