Prettiest College Campuses

Sophia Bruzik, Contributor

All across the country, colleges and universities are located in different atmospheres.  Some can be found in big cities or quintessential college towns, while others lie in the tiniest towns.

From coast to coast, students have the ability to study on sandy beaches or frigid mountain tops.

The prettiest college campus is Salve Regina University. This university is located in Newport, Rhode Island. Students live and go to class among the famous Newport mansions.  The campus is walking distance to the center of town with restaurants, clothing stores, coffee shops, and more. One aspect of Newport that appeals to many students is the fact that the bustling city of Boston is within an hour and a half.

The second prettiest college campus is Harvard University. Not only is this university known for its elite student body, but also for its location. Harvard University is located in Boston, Massachusetts. One of the most famous spots on the campus is the Harvard Yard. This beautiful grassed area with large trees is a great place to study and gather with peers. The surrounding city is full of historical buildings, museums, and beautiful places to walk around.

Next, New York University is known for having a beautiful campus due to it’s location in the heart of the grand Big Apple. A perk of this campus is that it’s incorporated into the city so no gates can be found when attending NYU. The students get to experience life in New York City.

Although there are many pretty college campuses spread throughout the USA, where each student goes depends on his or her preferences. If city life is what a student wants, he or she might want to consider cities like Boston or New York.  If a simple life is more up a student’s alley, then a rural or urban setting would be more ideal.