Mr. Fox cast as Dowager Countess’s new love interest in Downton Abbey


Dowager Countess, Important

Little did anyone know, since Christmas break, HB’s very own Mr. Fox participated in a very extensive audition process for the hit PBS television show “Downton Abbey.” To his delight, he was cast as the late Earl of Grantham, Countess Crawley’s husband. As Fox shared, “I was equally shocked and ecstatic after hearing the news.”

During the audition process, Fox had to run lines with the one and only Maggie Smith. Despite the nerves when being the center of casting directors’, producers’, and Smith’s attention, it made for a “pleasant and invaluable experience.” It has provided him with a general feel as to how it will be on set and what it will be like to work so closely with Smith. Fox “…[looks] forward to when [they] begin filming.”

Fox will portray the Earl in several episodes of season 6.  “At this time I am unable to give any details as to how the late Earl will appear, but it will surely captivate the audience,” Fox assured. We can expect Fox to leave New Hampshire for England in late May to join the cast. Best of luck to Fox on this journey. All back home look forward to seeing him in a new light- the spotlight.